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Tradedoubler is a digital marketing company based in Stockholm, Sweden. It was founded in 1999 by Felix Hagnö and Martin Lorentzon and was listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange in 2005.

A former customer shares his thoughts on, "As an advertiser, Tradedoubler's interface could be better. It's not so easy to get all the information you want to have. If you want to start or use an affiliate-network for your performance marketing you should analyze the different publishers on this network. You should check if Tradedoubler has the correct publisher for your online-shop or products."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Overuse of unpaid interns. Many colleagues would use interns."

Former Employee - Account Manager says

"when I joined, everyone at TD told me how great the people were and how the vibe in the office was great - wrong. The vibe is horrible - no team ethic and it comes from the top. This was summed up last year during Black Friday, when Senior Management and the Account Directors all disappeared for an afternoon at the pub, whilst the AMs and AEs slaved away on the busiest day of the year. You'll also be surprised by how little "senior management" know about Affiliate Marketing, given they've been in the industry for years and worked for every Affiliate Network in that time. Not much help when you're a junior team member looking for guidance/knowledge from "leadership". When two deluded BFFs think they resemble any sort of leadership and actually have influence over company strategy, it is incredibly worrying. A lot of people during my time did not even last a year in this toxic / mean girls environment - dont believe me? Check how many TD Client Services members have jumped ship to join TD's biggest competitor Awin. It's also rather embarrassing that TD ask current employees to write fake reviews on Glassdoor to distract attention from the real reviews. The fact the Country Manager was "asked to leave" without warning says a lot."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Thanks for your review. I’m not sure of when you left Tradedoubler however I can certify that our current Client Development Managers manage a maximum of 20 accounts, and there is a culture of not working after hours unless is strictly needed. We are constantly working on providing the best working conditions to all employees and this has improved towards the past year with leaders managing concerns accordingly and understanding the importance of work life balance."

Former Employee - Account Manager says

"- Managers do not know what they are doing and don't know how to treat staff - Tradedoubler is lost and has no strategy or direction thus everything is a mess - Staff members are treated so badly that they go in the toilet and cry - Everything is political and the only way to go far is based on who you are friends with. - Promotions are not given based on merit but more favoritism - Staff turn over rate is incredibly high. - Zero training is provided and they throw you in the deep end and expect you to learn on the job - Management do not work and take no accountability - Drinking culture is out of control with everything expensed and they expect to do business this way - Employee's can be cold and unfriendly because they are over worked and stressed - They aren't professional with their own clients let alone their staff"

Current Employee - Account Manager says

"Management. They don't know what they are doing. Just making the worst decisions. All senior people from Spain left the company. Now there is no senior people in Madrid office, no one with the right knowledge. Country Manager only listen to those who pretend to be her friends instead of listen to the people who knew the business."

Former Employee - Account Manager says

"Management. Management. Management. The CEO promotes his friends into senior roles and they are totally incapable of doing the basics - many examples of this. Culture is about who you are friends with not how good you are. The UK MD is cut adrift because he's politically unable to cope."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"salaries are very low compared to the high level of workflow and responsibilities"


"Tradedoubler used to be an inspiring place with great people to work with. I have been one of their employees who served the company the longest but leaving was a pure relief. Continuous loss of businesses, struggle to keep up with competitors, poor management/leadership and hideous office morale left me with no other choice than leaving."

Former Employee - Account Manager says

"Massively over worked, often 12 hour days, high turnover in staff, lack of good management."

Account manager (Former Employee) says

"Tradedoubler is een erg leuk bedrijf, het werk dat gedaan moet worden is elke dag anders en is daarom nooit saai. De werksfeer binnen het bedrijf is goed, binnen mijn directe team wat minder.Interessant werk, een best nette soft-benefit van bakken fruit voor het gehele kantoor 2 maal per week.De locatie van het kantoor is in the middle of nowhere."

Client Manager (Former Employee) says

"very busy working day.varied and challenging.learned something new everyday.Management ok but at times can be intolerable.Great people working there.Challeging clients at times.Great relaxed environment."

Senior Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Tradedoubler is an amazing place to learn as soon as as you are willing to learn it all by yourself. Great atmosphere where everyone is willing to help."

daniel_k says

"Hello, We were working as a team with tradedoubler about 10 years so we have to say was good cooperation. The biggest problem we encounter was communication as we might wait week up to month for response. Second staff rotation. Every time they get new person on board all cooperation is falling apart. We decided to rang in relation to block on payment as we discovered as well that other people were blocked as well due to some activity. What we found is that NEW ACCOUT manager decided to block account based on new reporting and made story to that report to get reason not to pay. Account UK Manager was not fluent english speaking but was very unpleasant treat with further consequences, made inappropriate comments about nationality and country we come from refused to resolve issue. We will send official complaint to HC and UK Customer Right body to make sure this will not happen again. We will as well request to refund all money their blocked back to advertisers and will make them aware of such behavior. There is multiply people affected that i fount on one of the forums and it does not look good. We suggest to not register or finish cooperation with TradeDoubler as you will loos your money and will get no explanation. Kind regards Regina Lajdych"

Masood khan says

"Worst customer support ever."

Maria Alvarez says

"Tradedoubler are terrible and I am not going to work with them after what's happen the last month."

Arthur Wilson says

"Took over two months to get website integration sorted and then another month of chasing for no reply to start a campaign. Complete waste of time."

James says

"Tradedoubler are awful. In more than ten years of using their interface I have not seen it improve. It is antiquated. Not user-friendly. Staff are mostly juniors, who are not the smartest cookies in town, and seldom know what they are doing beyond the basics. Advertisers pay very poor commissions and often don't track. So you typically lose around 15% of your rightful earnings, which can ultimately be many thousands of Euros."

Dorthy Waun says

"When you apply here you have to wait a lot! They will not get back to you soon which they claim to otherwise I will test it and share my future experiences!"

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